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Welcome aboard! At Loop Xpress, we’re more than just a logistics company—we’re your partners in seamless shipping solutions. Our dedication to putting customers first drives everything we do. From streamlining processes to delivering reliability, we’re committed to exceeding your expectations at every turn. 

Join us on a journey where your needs steer our course, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination safely, efficiently, and with a touch of personalized care.

We love what we do because we know that finding the right solution for our customers can be the key to a successful delivery. 

By focusing on what our customers need the most and ensuring they get the results they are looking for, Loop Xpress has continued to grow, allowing us to stay adaptable and ahead of the competition.

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Why our customers ship with us:

"I personally have worked with Loop Xpress for over 4 years now. They make it their priority to sustain a top of the line relationship and actually make it feel like they are part of my personal team. Our partnership has never felt like an outside supplier or vendor, rather one of us trying to get the product out the door! They offer solutions, jump in, and actually help tackle our issues to insure that the product ships.

I have personally recommended Loop Xpress to anyone that will listen to me."


Transportation Director, Enterprise Plastics Manufacturer

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